High Scores !!!

This french freestyle season was a crazy one. The level is going higher and huger.
I let you see :

My second final run at the last national team trials event : 1370 pts

My first final run at the second national team trials event : 1560 pts (french best score ever !!!)

Keep training to do better now...



Kayaking in the North Country

As I rolled across the New Hampshire state line, I turned the windshield wipers up to combat the rain pounding my car. "This could be good" I thought. I moved to Lebanon about 2 weeks ago. So far the Northeast has delieved some excellent whitewater. The first series of pics is from Downtown Hair on the Mascoma. I walk there from our apartment!

The pictures below are from the classic Taureau in the Jacques Cartier Park (Quebec). I spent last weekend there. We did two laps in as many days on this burly wilderness run.


Jay Panther Spring Training and Reality TV


I am excited to write in good health.  My shoulder is getting better everyday.  I have been back in Park City a little over a week now and the training has been great.  We are skiing on the weekends at Snowbird and jumping during the week at the water ramps.  I have attached some video of the Snowbird training last weekend.

I also have some exciting news to report.  The reality TV show that came to Park City in March to film us is moving forward.  The original project manager has gotten the producers he wants and the financial backing to film a pilot.  The crew is coming up June 22-28 to film us live and train.  Once they film the pilot they have to find a network who is interested and if it gets good ratings then it is game on!  It is still a long shot but exciting to be moving forward.  It would be so cool if this caught on and our sport ended up on MTV!  

Thank you all so much for your support and love.

Jay Panther

France : river Couze Chambon

I go to start first report on this blog by a stroll around to me in France in the depths of the region from Auvergne.
Today Fran├žois (member of the team Jackson France) and I go to practise a part never lowered from the river of the chambon.
After five hours of walkin, porterage and climbing we were able to put that some time our boat in the water.
But we no shall give way not no the affair for all that and will return to us on beautiful route of next big rain.

First unbridgeable fall because it finished on a rock

Just after the fall, the river reaches one to make uneven mattering and sinks into the forest.

One of the numerous porterages.

The last passable fall of the route.

At the end of the session in the rain