Mexico part II

In the last post all that was covered was the Rio Alseseca. Part II will cover just a little of the many other rivers mexico offers.

The Rio Jalasingo
This river is a steeper tighter little brother to the Alseseca, joining up with it just above punte Tomata. Its broken up in to two sections. The upper all slides plus three water falls and the lower all water falls and fun boofs. The uppers all fun and the lower shure to deliver the goods if your urge to fall off lips isn´t being met. Recomend doing the lower when the upper is low.

Blake lining up the first drop

Joel stompin the same drop

Just around the corner is this perfect 20´

Then just around the corner is this STOUT. Named Twisted Pleasure do to the fine line demanded. Has a class 2 s-turn lead in, but the lip folds trying to spin you. Not a huge problem other then the landing is about 11´wide with rocks and bolders at the bottom.....Don´t get pitted!

The boys scouting the line.

Joel showing the proper technique for a bow draw above a 7o footer, no big deal.

Seth oppting for the BOOOOOOOF of his life.

Nailing the middle

Just down steam of Twisted pleasure is the 35-40´Dirty Sanchaz

I don´t have photos, but after the last waterfall is a ton of clean 5-10´boofs till you come to a dark canyon looking spot.

This spot is Dungen Drop. The name reflects the caved out walls and lack of light. Heres will giving er

The rest of the run is chill. Recomend looking for a 90´waterfall portage, no ropes needed. Be carful not to miss it. A group had once missed it and ran the drop. No one died but shattered kayaks, split helmets, and a busted coller bone were a small price to pay for the gift of continued life.

The Rio Oro
The take out of the Rio Oro

This river is a true gem. Its home to the clearest looking bubble perfect water I found in Mexico. you also take out at the beach of the Gulf cost. RAD!

Robert on the first 30´

Myself, same drop

The next 35 footer

from here out its chill till the cost. One of the most fun rivers I had done.

The San Pedro drop
This is a clean 45´an hour away from the Alseseca. You find it just under a bridge. almost too good to be true. Fun one for sessions

Will, falling off yet another drop, San Pedro.

Thats all for now. Just finishing here in Chiapas and headed to the coast. Look forward to some more in Mex part III


Montana to Mexico. part 1

The Jorney started with a donated van, alot of excitement and a good friend. A mutual friend of ours herd are complaints of needing a car for mexico. He had a 1986 ford econoline falcon, it was an old RV. Ok, 25 yr old RV not ideal for a 10,000 mile road trip, but strapped for cash and rich with time and energy it was perfect. The river gods smiled upon us and our "idea" of a road trip to mexico became a "reality".
(Due to a tragic boof which lead to a head bash on the copit of my kayak I lost my go pro and there for capibility to film. But, still have sick shots of the rest.)

The Rio Alseseca is a river hosting three full on sweet runs, two park and hucks, and one hike an huck. these are shots from this river. Minus the most popular section, the roadside section, due to a lost file.

Truchas is a Hike, rappel and huck 55 footer below the roadside section. Its a bit of a mission, but worth the goods.

Will at the bottom of the rappel ready to recive boats. Its a cold windy spot to stand because of the stout landing right next to him. Thanks will, it took a bit.

seth at the entrence drop just above the stout.

Seth showing us the line.

Will´s up

BIG Banna was our favorite run in the area. Here are some highlights of just some of the many rapids found with in this Vera Cruz classic.

Seth dropping into the canyon after the twenty footer. Photo, Lukus stroble

The notorius meat locker. Big looking and even softer landing.

Mattius showing us how its done making this kinda technical waterfall in below meatlocker look easy.

Will taking the suggested line on solencio, BOOF!

One of the many fun drops.

just making it out of 80/20 on the Pezma section big banana

The last of countless drops on Big Banana.


If your feeling extra fired up when your finished Big Banana you can just skip the take out and float on down to Tomata falls. This 23 meter monster is notorious for sending kayakers head over heals. So after many log test I sent it and stomped a 45 er at the bottom. This suprisingly realy hurt my back, but at least I did not land on my face.

Seven Siters, {Tomata canyon]

Just below Tomata falls is the Tomata canyon, home of the Seven sisters. Seven super fun water falls. Some super easy, strong, blind and made for doing tricks off of.

Seth half way though the 110 foot rapple down to the put in of the Seven siters.

My self going at the top of the third, and my favorite, sister.

Joel, boofing above the nasty hole in at the blind corner of the fith sister.

The sixth sisters all fun. A perfect 25 footer with a green wave at the top. Time for some freestyle.

seth setting up the free wheel

My self trying a pistol flip.

I got it about three quarters the way around but landed stern first upside down. Super soft though

will, winning...

At the take out of the seven sisters. Perfect veiw to a perfect day.

Look forward to Part II, Jalisingo, San Pedro, Rio Oro, and Agau azul....

Todd Richey