Training in Durango, CO

Well, never big fans of turkey, Kristin and I packed up the car and headed for Durango, Colorado. She had been invited to participate in a slalom training camp with Alzar School Advisory Committee member Cathy Hearn, and I couldn't resist the doughnuts of Doughworks (seriously, they're that good).

The Animas is super low, as you'd expect, but that doesn't stop those slalom athletes from getting in a great workout. They've been paddling three times a day, honing technique and strengthening muscles. The river is frigid, the air not much warmer, and you know Kristin is hardcore for doing it, and loving it! There's a good group of athletes out for the week, and the spirit of training is contagious. I watch some of the workouts in between logistic planning sessions.

Also, I've been sneaking down to the river at least once a day as well. Previously, I had only been in D-town during May when the Animas is cranking. Because the fall whitewater is not optimal, that has meant some technique touch-ups for me, as well as attainment work outs and sprints. My goal for the week is to get the shoulders and abs into shape for the upcoming Rivers of Chile 2010 expedition we'll be leading in December/January. I'm realizing the importance of taking care of those shoulders in the off season... makes for a much easier transition to daily paddling. I've been really excited to have my WRSI helmet with ear protectors on... super warm in the chilly air.

Look for more blog posts as we get to Chile and paddle with our amazing group of students. We have a very amazing group of young leaders, and they're pumped to test themselves on some of the best whitewater anywhere.

Paddling Latin America

This will be the story of three "budget boaters" an Argentine, two Gringos and a blue Dolphin, getting involve with the rivers, the community, and some non profits as they cruse along the spine of Latin America.

We'll be posting news here as often as we can but fill free to check out our blog at http://paddlinglatinamerica.blogspot.com There you'll be able to subscribe to our news letters, Donate and much more.
By the way, we appreciate if you share your knowledge with us by letting us know of rivers we should check out along the way.

Welcome to the journey,

Fede, Joel & Joe


Mat Coldbella checks in with some killer vids

A small video of my summer trip on the Gatineau River. A full camping week on the sand next to the High Tension wave, grilled fishes, sun and friends. Perfect life, you shoud try it !!!

Fluid High tension from Mathieu COLDEBELLA on Vimeo.

Also, here is the video of our Corsican trip last April. The video won the Jury Price of the 3rd Kayak Film FeSteve'al organized in the French Alps beginig of July, check this out!

The Gipsy Family in Corsica from Mathieu COLDEBELLA on Vimeo.


Jay Panther Early Season 2009


I am pleased to write this update after a couple of solid weeks on snow. We have been in Colorado since November 2nd and the training has been great. The first week and a half of our stay we skied a single groomed run working a lot of turn technique. It was a great way to start the season, get my ski legs back, and really fine tune my skiing. The last three days, however, I am ecstatic to report we have been jumping! I have been really anxious to get in the air and the adrenaline has been good for the soul. As you know I worked very hard this summer training a D-Spin 1080 (California Roll) and have been excited to bring it to the mogul course. Yesterday I tried my first ones on snow and had nerves comparable to a competition day. I embraced those nerves as moments like that are what I live for, and I am happy to report I landed all three attempts. Today I did six or seven more with the same result. It feels great to see hard work come to fruition and I feel confident this new trick will be ready to help me win Selections! I have attached a video of a California Roll (D-Spin 1080) I did today so you can all enjoy it with me.

We will be in Colorado until the 22nd of this month and then I will return to Park City because the mountains will be opening there. I was extremely excited to find out my Mom will be going to Las Vegas for a few days in the beginning of December so I will certainly be taking a few days off at that point to be with her, my little brother and dad. Thank you all for your love and support. I will keep you updated as we get closer to U.S. Team Selections event December 16th.


Jay Panther


Rivers in Chile

Hey Everyone!

Chile has to be one of the most beautiful whitewater countries out there. The rivers I have been paddling are all in remote mountain regions with snowcapped volcanos and such in view. The whitewater itself is beyond amazing.

Waterfall on the Yeso in Chile.

I started this trip on the Rio Maipo in northern Chile. It is an awesome river, with an upper big water class V-IV and a fun playboating lower section class III-IV. There is also a tributary creek running into it called the Yeso. It is fun Class IV-V creeking, with a 25-30 foot waterfall at the very beginning of the river right below the glaciers and snow it gets its water from. It has a tricky entrance, and needs lots of water, but it is really photogenic.
Punto Del Lobos in Pichilemu Chile

Right now I am in Pichilemu, a well known surf town right on the ocean. One is called Punto Del Lobos (point of wolves) and is some class V playboating. The waves are anywhere from 15-25 feet on any given day. It is terrifying! But you can go HUGE. There is a smaller point break a block from where I am staying, with waves that are a good 5-10 feet smaller, but still super fun! It is a great place to work on things. Yesterday I got my first Panam to Back Blunt. While in the water you will see seals swimming along side you, and even a shark or two. Hopefully none though!!
A wave at Punto Del Lobos

Tomorrow it is off to the Sietes Tazas, seven perfect and clean drops. It also has a section of I think 22 waterfalls above it. I get to spend a week there. Should be awesome!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff