Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

So down here in the south it is dam release season now as most of the runs we get to enjoy during the rainy seasons are no longer coming in. However we did get a little bit of rain the other day and were able to bag a nice low level run on Yellow Creek. Also we recently headed to the second part of the Home Town Throw Down series in the area which turned out well for Ty Caldwell as he was able to snag first place and a double brown claw loop at the close of his run. I however got stomped out in pro class coming in last place. After the whooping we headed towards asheville where we were graced with browning with a bachelor party and then headed back to NOC which will be hosting the next HTTD on July 2nd under the lights. Below are some pictures from all the fun times and a short video from the trip to Yellow Creek with some videos from the HTTD soon to follow. Have a good one Paul

D'z Kidz from Paul Butler on Vimeo.


Dewatering Ernie's Canyon, WA???

Chris Totten, Joe Howard, and Fish contemplate Ernie's without water

Ernie's Canyon is a premiere class V run less than an hour from Seattle. Ernie's runs over 200 days a year. It would be a major loss to the class V community to lose this run.

"Dewatering Ernie's Canyon would be a TRAGEDY!!" were the first words I read on a message board regarding the prospects of a dam on the North Fork Snoqualmie, just outside Seattle. This project could feasibly take enough water from this run to make Ernie's runnable only a few days a year. 

Read this short article from American Whitewater and take 3 minutes to fill out the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) online public comment form. Let your voice be heard!!!

Ernie's Canyon is still free-flowing. There is still time. Spread the word.