So its been two sweet months for my friends and I at the White Nile. We have been hopping from different spots absorbing all the river has to offer. We first started at the upper section, by the notorious Nile River Outfitters. This upper part of the river has proved to be a great river running training grounds with big drops, big holes, big haystack waves, big reactionary waves, and elusive but extremely sharp rocks.

The lower section, From where the pictures are from, is 45 km down river at the Nile special and it's brother Club wave. This seems to be where we have been spending most of our time. We stay just downstream at the Hairy Lemon and paddle to the waves twice daily. The Hairy lemon is sort of a kayaking camp. You eat marginal food, surf 2-3 hrs, eat, rest, surf another 2-3 hours, eat, drink and talk with our new international kayak friends, go to sleep, and do it all over the next day. It some of the most fun I have had kayaking. Paddling with people from all over the globe. All with different customs and styles, but all sharing the love of Nile and kayaking.

Inspired by lots of beer and Nile river legend Sam Ward's tales of creeking we took a side trip, to the Sippi Falls region of Uganda. Their Sam showed us his treat, a not too challenging, but fun and beautiful first desent of upper Sippi river. Yes, we got to go creek boating in Uganda!
In all of my kayaking endeavors and some not in the kayak, (motorcycle taxis, Boda Boda's, = not safe. Helmets are sweet!) WRSI gear has been there. We used it creeking with the Hail Mairy and the comfy fit of the helmet let me forget I have it on every day for up to six hours. I can not even begin to say how necessary the simple built in visor is with the equatorial sun, super intence. Thanks WRSI, looking forword to letting you know how the trip finishes, We are trying to see if it is economicaly possible for us to go to the Zambize.... till then, Cheers from Todd and the Montana boys!


Kia Ora everyone.
Well ive just returned from an emotionally charged rafting expedition on the Franklin river in Western tasmania. It was a memorial trip to remember and spread the ashes of WRSI team member and close friend Benny Earle, who drowned whilst attempting a first descent of Finn creek BC during the canadian spring.
I couldn't think of a better way to remember a friend- than to raft the river he loved so much- telling stories , laughing, crying with all his best mates and family.
It was a great trip, perfect weather, great waterlevels and good company. Many a time we thought ben must be watching over us, giving us sunny days and a relatively safe passage through the 'great ravine'.
We did however manage to 'plug hole' a 12 foot raft into a Sieve with all our gear on it. The rapid known as nasty notch is renowned for causing issues and losing rafts. which causes a headache considering how remote the river is and how necessary it is to have your raft and gear to get out of the wilderness. It was either sheer luck or a bit of divine intervention from our fallen friend- that after removing the top layer of gear the raft managed to toaster out of the sieve and we pulled it over the boulder, we did however have to swim for some gear that went floating down river- including the toilet.
Because of time restrictions- we were forced to descend the river in 6 days (usually takes 10), but apart from a couple of long days was no real drama.
I will try and get some photos up and running on this blog.
And to all the crew that came down the river- thanks for devoting the time to remember an amazing man. We will miss you Benny Earle, but rest easy for your spirit will always flow strong and free in the wild waters of the Franklin River.
peace out brother.

cheers- Thorpie


Back on Snow!

Whats up family,

I wanted to write and share my excitement with everyone.  I am finally skiing for the first time since my fractured knee cap last March!  It is great to be in the cold and back at my first love.  We are in Summit, CO skiing at Arapahoe Basin.  Most of the resorts here are open with a few groomed runs but the coverage is getting better as it has been snowing a few inches everyday.  The training is good and hopefully we will be jumping some time next week.  

I will be in Colorado until December 21st.  I have a U.S. Team Camp November 24-December 5.  Then I head down to Telluride for the first 
Jeep King of the Mountain Skier Cross event.  Immediately following that I go up to Winter Park for U.S. Team Selections event.  The next 6 weeks are going to be busy but there is nothing I would rather be doing.  Pray for snow!


Green Race

I had a great time hanging out and racing at the Green last weekend. My WRSI gear came in handy. The water was low and I was grateful for my full face helmet. I used it on the Russell Fork the weekend before, and just popped the face protection on for the Green Race. It is like having two helmets in one. I also threw my Hail Mary to a swimmer for the first time. He was a PFD-less, helmetless swimmer. I am certain the rope saved his life as he fell into the middle of Scream Machine, the first Class V slide below Gorilla. Thanks,WRSI. Phtot by Anthony Bellemare. Click here for more.