Hello from Chile!!!!
I am having the time of my life, and it is only day two. After New England winter, these long summer days are absolute heaven. Not to mention, it is absolutely stunning here. Big mountains on all sides, including a smoking volcano! Cool right? I am half expecting it to blow at any mo
ment! The rivers are cold, but refreshing, and both of the playspots New River Academy has been to have been super fun! Several of our students have thrown 
such huge air loops, I think Steven Wright would be jealous! Well, maybe not quite. But you get the point. 
It is hard being in areas where very few people speak english, but it is definitely an
 experience meeting chilean paddlers. The locals are all really friendly, and the food is delicious. This is a must do trip for sure. I mean come on! The water is clean enough to drink! Not many places like that in the States. Pretty sweet right?
While here with New River Academy, I'll get to paddle the Fuy and the Futaleufu, visit patagonia, hike a volcano, and so much more. Keep watch for more posts on my travels!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff


Jay Panther Wins in Mt. Gabriel

Hello everyone,

It feels good to write with great news...I won the Mt. Gabriel Nor Am!  It is nice to have a win under my belt going into the half way point in the season.  This also puts me in a solid position for the Grand Prix.

The weekend was really very crazy.  The weather dropped down to -40 degrees over the weekend.  The cleaning lady took my cell phone the first day we were there.  Please send me an email back with your phone number because all of my contacts are gone.  There were over 35 
World Cup skiers at the Nor Am.  A lot of the coaches were saying that was the toughest contest they have seen in years.  I skied really well all weekend.  I qualified 15th and then skied my finals run over two and a half seconds faster than anybody else skied it all weekend!  I have posted the winning run on YouTube.  The link is below:


Coming back to the U.S. on Monday one of our 
rental cars broke down.  I ended up driving 11 people in a van with 7 seats and all of our gear across the boarder.  The fact that we got through is a miracle.  Then we showed up for our flights 20 minutes before the plane took off and still managed to get on!  It is really nice to be back in Park City but I leave again soon.  We are actually driving to Sun Valley, ID today and then I go to Copper, CO on Monday for the Skier Cross Nor Am!  I will keep you all up to date.  Thank all for your support!  Team Panther finally has a win!!!!

Jay Panther


Winterize your WRSI

A few tips to winterize your WRSI Helmet

First off, no need to spend more money on a bling ski helmet. Your WRSI has you covered!

Brian Fletcher Psyched to be wearing his WRSI

1. TO HOLD YOUR GOGGLES IN PLACE use a small piece of self adhesive Velcro (the rough side) and stick on either side of the WRSI logo on the back of the helmet. This will keep your goggles in place when you wreck or catch massive air!

2. Use thinner pads during the winter months in order to accommodate enough room for a beanie. Or simply order the ear pads from WRSI. This product kicks ass and will hopefully be widely available soon.

3. Wear your helmet. It does you no good if your not using it!

Brian Fletcher getting after it

Have fun out there.....