The Cascade

Long John
The Cascade is one of my favorite runs of the North Shore, there is a wild variety of drops from long technical slides to a very steep stacked set of waterfalls. I managed to get a ton of laps on this jem, with flows ranging from negative 1/2 to negative 6 inches, I am a firm believer that more is better, and after getting comfortable with this run, I could imagine running it at stomping high flows.

Tango checking out the bottom drops

Entering the banking turn of Long John

beware the icicles


Into The Great Wide Open

How many miles of this would YOU drag a kayak through to get to "the best whitewater" in WA?

Creek Sides gets 'er done so you don't have to!!

No shortage of adventure in there.

how longgg...

How many miles? How much adventure? How many bears will we meet along the way? How much...  Guess you'll just have to stay tuned and find out. 

          - Brett Barton
                                                                                                                         photos:Miguel Vieira


Spring Flows

It's amazing how powerful the water in the Spring can be with both temperature and volume playing a factor. It's a very good time to be on your game, despite having dusted off your paddle after several months of skiing/boarding. The Ottawa River was such a blast to paddle this past weekend. The water was COLD, it had come down some from the previous week but there was still a "mere" 42,000 cfs (14,000 cms) of chilly H2O pumping through the dam. It's a completely different river than the one that I bid a Winter's farewell to back in November. It feels so good to be home! I very much look forward to every aspect and personality of the river in its quest t0 shift gears to adjust to summer time flows.

Katie Quinn


Summer's Coming!

Just back from an amazing Spring Creeking trip to Tennessee. Awesome water levels, amazing weather, and a whole lot of Canadian and American boaters converged in TN.

We managed to squeeze 8 rivers into 6 paddle days, What a treat it is to chase rain and snow melt in the Smoky Mountains. The character of the local rivers is cold, clear, fresh water, narrow, continuously flowing rivers that keep you in suspense as they twist and turn revealing their secrets just as you approach the edge of the drop.

It feels so good to be back on the rivers and outside seeking new adventures with old friends and new.

Now onto gearing up for the Canadian white water season, many spring kickoff events leading into summer.



In Between Finals

As school is wrapping up for my sophomore year at Appalachian State University the rivers began to rise! In between finals I was able to snag a few runs on the Watagua, Elk River, and Green. Good lines and great times with my friends up here in Boone town. I was also able to compete in Jerry's Baddle enduring the bike leg up those grueling switchbacks. Starting next week I will go straight into work at the Nantahala Outdoor Center's retail shop. So come by and visit, also you will be able to check out the new Tridents! Enjoy the photos of the various rivers and check out Mark Taylor's quick edit of theElk River: http://vimeo.com/23077476