A little SE majesticness

So this month has been a month of getting on fresh runs for me. As a way to cap out the year I have gotten on Ravens Fork, Linville and WFFB. Here is a little river of Ravens Fork which is a really spectacular run which is set back in the smokies and has amazing scenery. The rapids on the Ravens live up to the hype of size and technicality which make for a great time inside the gorge.


The Chile wrap-up

My time in Chile has ended and what a good time it was between all the crazy adventures and cool people its an amazing country with alot to offer up for the whitewater paddler. We hit up a few rivers during the time there but mostly based ourselves out of San Fabian in the VIII Section as there is alot to offer up in the area including the first descent that we nabbed. So here is the final video which is titled Tengo veintidos saltos y una perra no es una after the jay-z track 99 problems as the song for the trip was Strawberry Wine its now time to get over the hot july moon that saw everything. Traveling around and even just chilling for parts of the month was a real eye opener as we got to immerse ourselves in the Chilean culture from everything to national dances, the discoteca, asados and eventually grilling a goat. If you ever find yourself down there I am sure you too will find your way into some of those things. However here is the last video and I would like to thank everyone at WRSI for the quality gear that helped us out down there between the helmets, throwropes and the hat keeping my head from sunburn.

It was a great time and I am really hoping I can make it back out there again next year!


Teacups Trip

Well we recently went to the 7 teacups on Rio Claro and also the Viente y Dos. Here are some pictures from the trip and also the video from the trip as well. It was awesome being there and we have Nuble Fest this weekend. After that we are headed back to the Claro for some Viente y Dos redemption and for Brads Siete Tazas redemption as I got mine out of the way. This weekend we have a downriver race which will be really fun and hopefully the outcome will be in mine or brads favor and we can bring the title to the US. Also we will be joining some of the local boys in the rafting competition. Also we got a WRSI throwrope to give out for a competition prize. Hope everyone is having a killer time boating and we will have more goods for you later!


Fall Goodness, found on the O.P.

Just got a new van and I'm STOKED!!! Picked it up Thursday morning and hit the road. 4 days and 800 miles later my weekend has ended. Got a good feeling with this one. 

Pretty much sums it up.

First stop, PDX Kayaker Film Fest sans photos. Lots of great entries this year. Ryan Scott submitted a great piece on rafting in the PNW with some long time legends like Shane Turnbull. Of course our very own Scott Waidelich and JP were in there. Nate Herbeck, keeping the competition tough, took home the cigar box!! The Film Fest was a great event, my first! A lot of people came out of the woodwork for this one. 11 years and going strong!! Thanks Luke Spencer, Next Adventure and everyone who pitched in, helped out AND submitted films!!! Good times, y'all. I'll be back for this one.

Paranoia, a Creek Sides fave

Of course the good times were bound to continue in the next place Creek Siders like venturing into.. the woods. This weekend was full of tromping through the woods in one of my favorite locales, the O.P.

LOVE my new drysuit.

Jeremiah Johnson.. snowshoeing with Crocs

a classic in the making..

...the good woods

found this near the 'elusive' good woods

yep.. 'Ilusive'

having a look at the put in

a little frosty this morning on the O.P.

looking down into Matheny Creek

a fraction of the Matheny crew

making our way into the O.P. goodness


Jon Almquist



Arn & Mary


i smell bacon

thawing gear..   and bodies

the popsicle I need to find my way in to

By Sun the cold had cut off the water supply so we ventured into a canyon none of us had been to. I had scouted Fool's Canyon a couple years back on another trip to the O.P. It had a LOT more water last time, probably too much. This time was low, but still so very cool. Here was the only drop we could get out for, toward the end of the canyon. Fool's Canyon is in the Satsop drainage near Montesano and if you haven't been in there, I suggest a visit.

a shot inside Fool's Canyon


Ellie likes getting her boof on.

'Otherworldly' is one word I would use. This was one of the widest spots in the entire mile long gorge. Definitely a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

parting shot of Toria taking in the magic that is 
the Olympic Peninsula

Until next time everybody. Stay warm and safe. Happy Holidays.