vermont, new hampshire and quebec

This summer I ran more creeks and rivers than expected. New England is usually pretty dry in June and July, but we had consistent rain until August. The Middlebury Gorge is my favorite backyard run. It features the birth canal, an intense, sheer walled minigorge. It does not take much rain to run. Here is Greg Hanlon after the Fallopian Tube, the entrance drop. The scenic shot is from the Quebec's Taurea, which I was lucky enough to run again last week.

These pictures are from some of New Englands finest steep creeks. The first two are Greg and myself on the classic Upper Pemi, hidden deep at the bottom of Franconia Notch. The last one was taken of me running mushroom on the Big Branch on my 30th birthday. Pics of me taken by Greg Hanlon, and Nick Gottlieb, respectivly.


Big in BC

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to catch some Big Water and Big drops here in BC. I spent a few days near the town of Clearwater messing around with big waves, holes, boils and whirlpools. Kinda felt like home.

After heading back to Revelstoke and reality (rafting) I managed to get a crew together to huck Sutherland Falls again. For those that don't know it's the best 60 footer anywhere (except for the sketchy run out). Anyway good times and good lines.

Keep on the ready for another vid soon,

Dan Caldwell


Training Training Training

Hello from the Ottawa!
It has been gorgeous weather the past few weeks up here in Canada, and McCoy's Rapid has been full of play spots. Corner Wave and Right Side are both really good right now. I am up here training for World Championships in Switzerland. I leave August 23, so time is running out! I am working my butt off, and hopefully it pays off!
The levels up here are annoying though. Garb was SO CLOSE to coming in when the level went up again!! So frustrating! Hopefully it will drop again in the next few weeks. 
Hope everyone's summers are going great!
-Tracy d'Arbeloff


Lots of wood, a swimer or two, and me and my WRSI hailmary are tight!

What up all. Checking in here from the north west US in Montana. Are creek season is winding down and the water is dropping. It has been a good season though. Due to a lack of funds from recent trips my spring exploits this season stayed within one tank of gas. But, after all my travels, it was just what the river doc ordered. The following pictures are from my back yard creeks in the bitterroot mountains south of Missoula, Idaho, and the crazy mountains east of Bozeman.

Matt, Pj, and myself lassoing out another piece of wood then z-dragging it to the side. This is a common practice in heavily wooded creeks of Montana

More wood on Big Timber creek. Its all worth it though for the goods.



I am writing today with a lot of really exciting news. First and foremost, probably the coolest thing I have ever done, I completed my Olympic Registration for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. This does not mean I am going to the Olympics, it means that as a U.S. Team member I am a potential competitor. I also got fitted for all the Olympic outfits. Those two experiences really opened my eyes to the job ahead. It was the first time I thought about the Olympics as a real possibility as opposed to a distant dream. Game on!

We filmed again last week for the reality TV show. The crew came out for four days and filmed everything we did. They were extremely accommodating to me because I had to leave a day early. The crew crammed three days of filming into two days but we got everything done and all parties involved are very excited. Hopefully we will know in the coming months whether or not a Network is interested.

I had to leave the shooting a day early for Zach Recine's, one of my best friends, wedding in Lake Tahoe. I meant Zach as soon as I moved to Las Vegas and we were instantly riding partners in every sense of the word. His wedding weekend was easily one of the best weekends I have ever been privy to.

I escaped Zach's wedding unscathed and have just arrived in Mt. Hood, OR for three weeks. I will be doing some guest coaching and a lot of training. In addition to moguls and jumping, I intend to incorporate a lot of Giant Slalom (GS) training to strengthen my skier cross abilities.

Thank you so much for sharing this excitement with me. My drive is stronger and focus clearer than it has ever been before. There is a set path laid before me and the first step is winning U.S. Team Selections in December. Thanks again for your love and support.


Jay Panther