Leaving For Chile!!

Thursday I head out for Chile to catch spring water. I am unbelievably excited. New River Academy is starting out on the Maipo, seeing the Fuy, the Siete Tazas (including the intro waterfalls), and The Trancura, and so many more rivers. Last year, we had reallly low water. The Fuy was almost too shallow in spots to run. Anyways, I am busy packing and getting gear laid out. I have no idea what the weather will really be like. Hope It is not to extreme, because I am packing sort of...in the middle of hot and cold. Fingers crossed.
I'll be posting shots of all the sick rivers we run, so keep a look out!!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff


Grand Canyon Surf

I was lucky enough to go on my first Grand Canyon Trip this month. I showed up for my ride with 2 boards and a kayak. The driver said "1 craft per person" So I brought the board. It was the best decision I made. I was able to run every rapid and we found some incredible waves and had some long 8 minute surfs. People on the trip said it was the 1st full decent since Laird hiked out at Phantom (above the largest rapids). I don't really care though, it was just FUN.

And Prom Night ruled as well. The girls burned their Prom Dresses when the party crescendo'd.

The Lesson: If you get invited on the Grand...... GO!


Jay Panther


I hope that your fall is going great as mine has been awesome. I just got done training at the water ramps in Park City last week. The training was really productive despite 40 degree water and having to shovel snow off the ramp several days. I have been working on my California Roll (3 off-axis rotations/D-Spin 1080) and am very excited to bring it to the mogul course. I can hardly wait until we head to A-Basin, Colorado at the end of this month to get on snow and start my season.

I am in Vegas for a few days working out and mentally preparing for the season. I am really excited to watch my brother, Shane, play his senior soccer season. Shane has lead his team to one of the top spots in the state and is personally among the state leaders in goals and assists. I am sure he will continue to play well as he looks forward to figuring out where he will play in college.

There is also some news regarding the reality TV show. They meant with five stations, including MTV, VH1, and CW last Tuesday. Now we sit and wait to see if anyone calls with any interest. Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep you updated on any news that comes in. Think snow!


Jay Panther