Big water in BC

So here I am, an Eastern Ontario playboater in the land of creeking (British Columbia) and what should I find? Some amazing play! After a month of on and off play at Brilliant wave in Castlegar
Brilliant Wave, Castlegar, BC

I finally got a chance at a rare wave on the Pend D'Oreille near Trail. Unfortunately there was no way to catch it at the level it was at without some very tricky rope/tow things set up on a train bridge (according to some locals that's the only way on) but I do have some pics of my dozens of attempts. At least the rapid below is massive, with lots of boils and whirlpools. An implosion device is highly recommended as well because if you swim you end up crossing into the U.S. and unless you boat with a passport it can be quite interesting...

The entrance to the wave

Pend D'Oreille wave/hole/boil thing

Well that's all for the moment. I've just settled into my new home for the summer, Golden BC, and should have some updates shortly with so many great rivers around, like the Kicking Horse, Sutherland Falls, Skookumchuk Creek.....

Dan Caldwell


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds sick.

Billy said...

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