Ottawa lovin' & lettin' loose on the Moose

Let the games begin, heyoooo! Well since leaving beautiful British Columbia I've been teaching up a storm, playing a bit on the Ottawa, getting married and enjoying the Moose River Festival. Although my beloved Ottawa river is not exactly ideal levels, I did manage to get some time on Garb and even through together a little vid for you. Check it out:
(remember I'm a special boy)

Also managed to head up to Old Forge New York for the annual Moose River Festival where the drops are big and the parties even bigger. The first drop on the Bottom section gets the blood pumping with a 40 foot slide that lands beside a really bad hole. Good times had by most (those that ended up in the hole probably immediately regretted that decision). Well I'll shut up now and let you check out the goods. Until next time keep fit and have fun (that's right, I just quoted Hal Johnston and Joanne Macloed).

Dan Caldwell

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