Tama Kosi-Back from Nepal

We ran a section of the Tama Kosi from a place called Ganga. We were able to head up high into the valley due to a new road that is under construction to supply a new Dam site. The new road took us up to a place called Shigati, what used to be 2 days hike from the normal Tama Kosi put on. From Shigati we hired porters and continued up river, hiking for 6 hours we reached the village of Ganga , above which the river seemed to change character, all the rapids seemed to be closing out into strange boulder choked sieves.
From a little below Ganga we put on the Tama Kosi. the first 3 hours on the river was mentally and physically exhausting. We were scouting a hundred metres of river at a time breaking down the long, heavy rapids in to manageable sections. The river was still suprisingly high for the season. Everything went apart from a five metre stretch of totally choked out river, we stayed the night in Pigati, before continueing down river for a much mellower second day to a truck stop town named Busti.
Rob Litherland

Enjoy the short video clip of the Tama Kosi!

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