Front Range Play Boating

The water on the Front Range has been at a pretty steady medium flow because of temperature fluctuations in Colorado (it is still randomly snowing in the high country in the middle of June) which hopefully means a long steady season.
I started off my play boating season hanging out in Buena Vista for a few weeks. I was talked into competing in the Pimp and Ho Rodeo. I was the only girl in the competition and was in the same heat as Dustin Urban and other fantastic world class play boaters. I was a little intimidated but had a great time.
View of the Golden Whitewater Park
photo by: Chester Joe Crab
The best part of living on the Front Range in the summer is the Golden Community Rodeo series. http://eddyflower.com/EventDetail.aspx?EventId=86 . As a beginner, this event was the highlight of my week; everyone around the FR would gather at the Clear Creek Play Park in Golden, hang out and compete for awesome prizes. This event consists of four competitions, each one having schwag and awards afterwards and on the final night the overall prizes are given away. The divisions are as follows: men’s and woman’s novice, intermediate and expert classes, a junior class and finally a masters class. I decided I was ready to compete in the woman’s expert division this year in preparation for stepping it up next season and competing at FIBArk and other larger events. I did very well in the series this year.

In the first rodeo competition, I was a little shaky and could not go vertical because of the water level (grrrr, rocks!), but I still managed to place first.

Sometimes it is hard to concentrate when the MC is making fun of you. Thanks Reed!
Photo by: George Gatz Photgraphy

The women got after it!
Shannon Ronan sporting the pink WRSI.
Photo by: George Gatz Photgraphy

After hanging out with Steven Wright in Lyons and Corey Volt in Golden and Buena Vista, I was able to get a few pointers. In the second two events, I improved big time sticking my air loops, cartwheels and trying very hard to throw and stick my McNasty and Airwheels. I was super siked that I placed first in both of those competitions as well.

Throwing down, Check out the reflection of the water in the flames on the helmet. Sweet!
Photo by: George Gatz Photography
Photo by: George Gatz Photography

The final competition was no big deal because I was the only girl in my division. I swept and took the overall title in the woman’s expert. The best part of the competition is the overall awards. This year I won a brand new boat!!!! I still need to pick out which one I want. I am so excited!
I also want to thank WRSI for sponsoring this event!!!! I feel it is very important to support grassroot community events like this, where everyone becomes a super star regardless of level. These events are very well attended and usually have just as many spectators as many of the large pro freestyle competitions. Golden is very lucky to have such a great volunteer boating community and sponsors to put this event together.
I can't wait to help out with this event next year and encourage more woman to compete!!!

Now that the freestyle comps and the Eddy Flower Vertical Challenge are over, I guess it is time to step it up and start planning some multi-day trips.

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