West Virginia in the Fall

Whats up guys! This is Tracy with an update on New River Academy. We've been up in West Virginia this past week. It is so nice to be in warm weather after freezing our butts off in Canada. Everyone was totally pumped to be able to hit up the Gauley! Personally, The Gauley is one of my favorite rivers in the US. It has runs for all skill levels. The lower is a fun run, with some intro to big water. It is really good for tuning up skills and getting experience. The Upper has sweet class V rapids with awesome play and infinite lines. Whats not to love? This past weekend was the final weekend of Gauley Season. I actually got to try my hand out at rafting! I have to say, I missed my playboat. Rafting was SO scary. At one point, we lost all our crew surfing Hungary Mother (a hole on the Upper). Somehow I managed to stay in the raft. The whole time I was cowering on the floor of the raft, just waiting for the hole to let go of it. Not my proudest moment. It was a cool experience though. The river seems totally different from a raft's perspective. If you are ever feeling burnt out on kayaking, give rafting a go. Its fun and totally worth trying!

Yesterday New River Academy hit up the Tygart. The Tygart has two completely clean 10-12 foot waterfalls. They are AMAZING. It was totally sweet to get to work on boofs and freewheels. The best thing about these waterfalls is that they are super safe. With all the lines you can run, they are perfect for beginner and advanced levels. I definitally improved my boof stroke a ton. I am so ready to get to New Zealand and run some big falls. The only embarrassing moment for me was when I was paddling hard to get to the tip of this rock that was sticking out to boof it. I was concentrating super hard when all of the sudden, I fell off the side of it and plugged! I laughed it off, but man. talk about Oops. The Tygart is a really good 'park and huck' to check out if you are in the area. It is also a super photogenic spot if you are into photography.

Keep it real!
-Tracy d'Arbeloff

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