thorpie's update

Heya crew.
Just an update from my corner of the globe. Im Just back in Tassie now after a sweet little creeking trip to New Zealand, me and the lads managed to get a lot of the classic runs done. Based in Hokitika on the wild west coast of the south island. The majority of the runs in the area involve a heli shuttle to get into the put ins at the base of the Alps, which isnt too expensive- even as NZ drops into recession, choppers cost on average about $100 each- a bargain considering how pristine and staunch the runs are. We managed to hit up the Perth, Arahura, Waihtaha, Hokitika and Kokatahi to name a few. Not really much carnage- apart from Kiwi mate Jimmy getting sieved on the Perth, Boat, paddler and paddle all went in for a few seconds and luckily flushed out the bottom of the boulder. I Guess it wasn't Jims time to go- as he was bloody lucky to survive. Thats one thing about NZ its sieve central, a place where mistakes have large consequences.
Well im now working and saving for the next mission. Off to Far north queensland next for some tropical creekboating then I fly to the middle east. Am going to do some work and explore the rivers of Turkey, am also in the process of getting a visa for Iran and hope to head there to explore some rivers. After all that its off to Norway for the rest of the northern Summer, Rafting and trying to make my kayak fly.
happy hucking

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