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Hello everyone,

I have finished my video compilation from this season and have posted it on YouTube.  I hope you all get a chance to check it out, the link is: 

I am now exactly three weeks removed from my shoulder injury and it is getting better.  The pain is starting to recede, my shoulder is moving better and it is starting to get stronger.  I have no doubt that my shoulder will return to 100% and be stronger than before.   

I have some more exciting news to report.  In March a film crew, a few managers, and some producers from LA came to Park City to film me and my friends in hopes of making us into a Reality TV show.  They threw and filmed a birthday party for me and my buddy Nick, taped us training and just doing what we do.  We all know it is an incredible long shot and have tried not to think about it too much but there is some positive feedback coming in.  Apparently the sizzle reel (five minute highlight reel from over 20 hours of footage) they put together has been well received.  There is still a long way to go as a network has to be interested enough to request a pilot and then it is up to the American public.  It is fun to think about what this could do for sport and the ski industry.  Could you imagine mogul skiing being on MTV every week?!?!  Crazy.   

Thank you all so much for your love.  The injuries were a little frustrating this season, but I learned how to Compete and be a Competitor.  It is more than skiing well when all is well; it is skiing well when no one else even thinks you should be skiing.  Now it is just a matter of staying healthy and skiing my run when everything is on the line!  It is soo hard to believe that I won't compete again until December, at least I have plenty of time to get ready!   
Vancouver 2010 

Jay Panther

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Anonymous said...

Wow Jay! You are truly amazing! It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful opportunities and adventures waiting for you. Best wishes. I'm so glad our paths crossed in Vegas. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Vegas 5/2/09