Hey Everyone! Sorry for slacking off so bad with blog posts. I really will try to do them more often. Right now I am in the New River Academy Van driving back to West Virginia from the Ottawa River in Canada. The past couple days on the Ottawa River were awesome- Garb came in. That was definitely fun, and everyone was throwing down huge. Even when garb was not in, Baby Face and Corner wave were awesome, and at great levels. You could go big on both. The weather was a bit chilly, but always warmed up enough for the afternoon paddle session.

So now it is back to beautiful West Virginia, home to Fayetteville, and New RIver Academy’s base camp: David Hughes’ house. We are just in time for Gauley season. Although unfortunately we missed the festival. Hey, I got to surf Garb instead, so I am not too broken up about it. I think during the week we will be surfing Fleet Flicker, which is a fun hole on the New River. Should be a kick. And a lot warmer weather!!!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff

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