"Welcome To Gods Country, We are Open for Business"

So this past weekend down here in the SE pretty much everyone and their brother was at Cheoah. Cheoah is our home run and needless to say it was awesome to see so many people out enjoying the river even though it was a bit congested at times. Still it was tons of fun as you can tell from the video above which is aptly titled after a conversation had in town with some other friends from the area. It is nice though when you have a release like this and get to meet up with people you have paddled with previously and do it all over again. Also we shook some of the old dogs out of the closet who have not paddled as part of the crew in years such as young JP. However crazy as the day got thought it was all good times and we look forward to some rain, pray for rain, or another release and the impending rafting season which lurks over all our heads down here which means work is soon in the future. Have a good one, Paul.

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