Well we got a good bit of rain last weekend down here in the SouthEast and it was just what the doctor ordered. Most of the goods were to high in-fact. So myself and Ty got out and snagged some of the goods starting with a 2.5 mile hike up into part of Upper Snowbird. Then once getting back to the car drove to a nicely padded out Cascades where Ty bucked up and ran the stouts while I did some safety and scampered around filming. Afterwards it was over to Yellow Creek for some nice micro creek nastiness. The twenty and most of the other drops were at pretty prime levels so we headed in and got the goods. Back to the house we finally went and got a little bit of sleep in before Monday rolled around. Dodging a case of the mondays we headed on out to Big Creek, which as Ty recently found out is in NC as a side note for Sydney, and we began another day of hiking. After reaching the top with our good friend Tim Madison we made downstream motion. After some hairy fun we returned to the parking lot after a day of fun. All in all it was an amazing two days of paddling with great levels, good friends and far to much hiking.

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