Spring Kayak Riding

It's been awhile since I've done an update, so I figured off I dust off the old blogger. It's been a good spring and highlights include multiple runs on the Horsepasture, Raven Fork, Ultra Classic SE gem known as the Hairy Bear, Rock Creek (in Chatty), Johnnies, Flat Rock/ Coon, and countless runs down the always fun Little River Canyon. Most of this have been soul boating excurions, so there is little paddle porn to be viewed. Here's a is a random compliation of videos that friends have put together. Enjoy.

Video made by Bama Boy Tyler Phillips of the Lesser known Flat Rock/Coon Creek, located within the heart of the Alabama backwoods on top of Meth Mountain; also includes Little River Canyon, and one random play boating clip.

More random boat riding from Tyler

Hairy Bear and LRC from Zach Sanders

Spring Boating 2011 from Zach Sanders on Vimeo.

Bama Boys spring break on the Horse Pasture from Charlie Simmons

Dropping H20 - Whitewater Kayaking in Gorges State Park, NC from charlie simmons on Vimeo.

A really cool head cam vid of Little River Canyon by Austin Guthery

Until we meet again,
Charlie Mix

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