Dewatering Ernie's Canyon, WA???

Chris Totten, Joe Howard, and Fish contemplate Ernie's without water

Ernie's Canyon is a premiere class V run less than an hour from Seattle. Ernie's runs over 200 days a year. It would be a major loss to the class V community to lose this run.

"Dewatering Ernie's Canyon would be a TRAGEDY!!" were the first words I read on a message board regarding the prospects of a dam on the North Fork Snoqualmie, just outside Seattle. This project could feasibly take enough water from this run to make Ernie's runnable only a few days a year. 

Read this short article from American Whitewater and take 3 minutes to fill out the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) online public comment form. Let your voice be heard!!!

Ernie's Canyon is still free-flowing. There is still time. Spread the word.

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