Verde Good Dayz

This past week Ty and I were able to rally up a two day trip out to the Green for an awesome midweek special. The first day was an awesome fun fast run down and we had a killer time. After which we ran around asheville for a bit and slid by the Altamont Brewing company in West Asheville which has a beer special this week which is helping donate money for green river access so check it out and help pay the bills. Then we got ourselves a campsite and crashed out in the car and were all fired up come morning with the rest of the crew arriving that night. We got out again the second day and even though it was raining and not so nice still had a fired up and good time. Below is the video shot from the two days. Also we had a club cup race at NOC recently which resulted in a bunch of ties for the top times. Ty and Baby Trey were able to pull out the K2 victory followed closely behind by Tierney and Myself. I also wound up tying for 3rd in mens coming 4 seconds behind the leader. Hope everyone is doing well and see you on the river.

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