Summers on the River....A river guide's perspective.

Summers on Rivers......where else would you rather be? I have spent many, many summers living on the river day in and day out, week in, week out. Living the life of a river guide. I never seem to tire of the routine. At times I stop and reflect and think that perhaps there is something else I should be doing instead. Then I think....why would I?

A typical/ideal summers' day includes an early morning surf session at an easily accessible park and play spot for an hour or two before work and before the crowds who have a few hours drive before arriving at the put-in. The session is followed by breakfast at a local greasy spoon restaurant with paddling friends. Breakfast is finished just in time to get to work and get changed before greeting 120 guests thirsting for adventure.

I view my role as a river guide as an amazing opportunity to teach my guests as much as I can about rivers and show them an awesome day of thrills and spills. My ultimate measure of success is the guest proclaiming their day on the river as "the best day of their summer". If the guests leave loving the river, the river has just gained a friend and a voice for life, I hope.

Paddling down the 6 hour trip on the river, I without fail am thankful for the beauty of the trees wildlife, and subtleties in nature that surround me. If the weather is sunny, it is easy to be thankful for the warmth and beauty. If it is rainy, the beauty of the day lies in spending it out of doors at the mercy of the elements taking in the wonder of it all, and the power of Mother Nature. At a time when most other people only a few miles away are running out of the rain to take cover......missing the moment entirely.

The work day tends to end with cudo's and thanks from the guests and an invitation to join them later in the evening. With a smile, you promise them that you will join them....after yet another paddle session....and perhaps after strumming some guitar with your housemates.

When you finally make it to bed at night, you are exhausted and sore and it feels great. You fall asleep shortly after your head hits the pillow. Your dreams are sweet dreams of the massive air blunts you threw, the clean loop you finally nailed, and the big air you got off the raft. Chalk it up to an awesome day, an amazing way to spend your summer. And....you get to do it all over again top to bottom tomorrow.

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