Mexico, part III

So Will and I have made it home back to Missoula Montana. We spent about three weeks in the state of Chiapas exploring and looking for rivers with the right flows, and another five weeks surfing the warm and sunny mainland cost of Mexico all the way north. This was a welcome switch up from the often cool and cloudy mountains of Vera Cruz and Chiapas.

The Agua Azul treated us nicely. Although a little turbid and high when we first arrived it lowered enough to show off its stunning blue waters. Unfortunately, at this point in the trip I took an impact on my L3, lumber, crushing it a little which left me out of commission for nearly the rest of the kayaking. I did get down the Agua Azul one time, but could only run the slides, non of the perfect looking water falls. We tried the impressively steep at (1900 ft per ml), and beautiful Santo Domingo but after waiting for five days in rain, the river did nothing but rise. So, due to high levels and a broken back we were cut short in Chiapas.

Trying to mark your line on the ague azul is half the fun. You monkey around on all the lips trying to extract some frame of reference as to where you want to be at. It is surprisingly difficult to see the line from kayak perspective with all the drops having such wide and flat lips.

As this drop shows. Its important to scout out the good landing spots in the traverntine rich pools below the drops. Lots of shallow spots.

It just keeps dropping and dropping.

Although the native Zapatista movement it much less volatile then it was in the resent past, it is still very evident and alive. As a tourists, we felt safe, but the movement and what it represents is something to be aware of. Its often good to talk to locals especially those with higher clout before tromping with your kayak through their lands. This will ensure a much smoother experience when you bump into the land owners or workers. These are a hard working people who are proud of their land and traditions and independence from the government. If respect was shown, it was often reciprocated.

Got to spread the fun where every we go. Despite nationality, we are all ambassadors of kayaking.
The rare view from behind the vale.

Will, sending it, about to break paddle number 4.

Surfing at Barra de la cruz.

Shot from the board.

A typical camp spot on the way home.

Thanks to Nick, and the others at WRSI who helped make this trip possible and keep my dome in one piece. While there I witnessed two cracked Sweet helmets. I too, took more then the usual amount of hits to my head on this trip. Mexican creeks in Vera Cruz are just low volume and steep. It gets fuzzy fast! I was super stoked to know my helmet could take multiple hits and would flex just enough not to give me a concussion with glancing blows. You guys rock. Look forward to some spring posts....Got some goods lined up this year in a little spot call Glacier National park, no big deal. Till then, excited to see what the other team members are up to.

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