Seven-Sisters- Rouge River, Quebec

All of us Eastern Canadians have been suffering from a rough case of the "Low Water Blues"......as a result of minimal snowfall combined with drought conditions through out this summer. Low water does have many downfalls....but these levels aren't without solid benefits.  One of the benefits in my way of thinking is the ability to run sections of rivers that are otherwise too dangerous or pushy to run.

Quebec's Rouge River -Seven-Sister's section is precisely one of the advantages of low water conditions.  It is a section of river that is typically portaged in awe.  It is a canyon section of seven drops spread out over a half mile section of river. It's a thrilling section of river which is run and easily carried back over to run it again and again. It is a section of river of a drop followed by a retentive hole that one needs a healthy boof stroke to skip over.

4 Ottawa River vetrans took a day off of rafting to reap the thrills of creeking.  The following are some of the highlights of the "sisters".

It's an awesome section of river...but beware of river left at the out flows...there is a "naturalist" colony there....many a surprise nude is spotted amongst the rocks here.....I jest not!

Katie Quinn

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