Whole Lotta Boatin'

So down in the SE things have been rowdy, chill and every other variance between over the last month or so. Down in the dirty we have been lucky to have high water green runs, Gauley Fest and a bit of rain. I sadly missed the rain but was able to get in on the other two events in. Even breaking in some personal firsts over the past month away from work. Was able to get my pfd on go left and die and Upper Gauley.

Rallying Pillow

Both of which were really rewarding to have under the belt now. That feeling of rallying something for the first time is a rush even when it came to attaining up the lower hole of Nanty Falls. Nothing can beat that feeling when it all falls into place and the line comes out ohhhhh sooooo right. When it came to Go Left I had been shy about the line for some time and never really felt the confidence to be able to tag the line just right so I had never gone for it. However after enough hype and talking with folks it all came together one day when Ty looked at me and asked if I was ready. On the first attempt things didn't go so smooth and I wound up pulling the cord and taking a swim... however on the second rally it went like butter. Then once at Gauley Fest it was decided we were rallying two days to the Upper which was a first for me as well and turned out to be a blast. When it comes to bigger water it scares the heck outta me.
Ty keeping it old school at Pillow
The fact that I was rallying it for the first time in a playboat probably was not helpful either. You can think of it as big guy in a little boat cause even though I love the heck outta my jed I still kind of turn it into a submarine at 250. So even though I was basically squirt playboating the whole way down it was a really fun run and I hope to get out there again at some point. Also about two weeks before then while working attainments at the falls on the nanty I was trying a move up the falls that I had seen done once or twice before by the likes of boaters much better then myself. I decided whats the worst that can happen and went for it. Eventually I wound up making the move and was super stoked to have been able to make something that I had rarely seen happen. The move is in the video down below and there are some shots I took while at Gauley Fest mixed in here.
The tent at sunset
 All of this wouldn't be possible without the help that WRSI and all my friends have provided me in boating so I wanted to give you guys a big thanks and I just wanted to let everyone know what keeps my drive up in kayaking and its not just hanging out with some of the most awesome people in the world. Its also the rush and the feeling that kayaking gives you that makes you feel like all your problems are mundane and you are part of something much bigger. There really is a lack of words to describe what kayaking is to me but hopefully you all just know what I am talking about and hope you enjoy the video and shots... Now get out there and boat!

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