Violently ill, too much rafting and 90 feet of freefall

The title pretty much sums up my last couple of weeks. After wrestling with some unknown illness that actually made me spend some time in the hospital to get rehydrated I was back on the water. Unfortunately it was in a big rubber raft instead of my kayak, but I guess I need the money for my upcoming travels to NZ. Besides it’s a great way for others to see what whitewater is all about. So after working lots of days in a row I finally got a day off and headed to Sutherland Falls on Blanket Creek. Sutherland is the most perfect 60 drop I’ve ever seen (except for the nasty little drop just below it). To sum it up- paddle to the lip, spot the landing, adjust angle, fall, fall some more, hit your tuck, fall some more, impact. Good times.

After that drop I headed over to another spot that my friend Johnny had heard about only a few days before. Since our beta was from a non kayaker we were a little bit skeptical. When we finally found it we were pleasantly surprised with a nice fun 30 foot drop. After a bit of work hauling our boats we got the mission done. Might be a first descent but definitely can’t claim that for sure.

Well I’m back pushing rubber again just waiting for another day off because I’ve got some big things lined up so stay tuned.

Dan Caldwell

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