Spring is back in France

I love school because there are a lot of days off, and the two weeks without school in April are always really good for Kayak.
Last Friday was a hard raining day which caused a pure water levels in all the country.
The first week end should have a competition but the spot was out of work : too much water !!!
Then we decided to go on the Doubs waves.
5 hours driving and we arrived in front of that :

La Scie : a medium wave with good green and foam area for where all moves are possible

After a hard day on a fast wave a short time on a little one like Deluz is really welcome :

During the day the water level lower and lower slowly and on Sunday the wave was no longer.
BUT the MALATTE was working :

This wave is one of the biggest in the world and is at the moment,for sure, my favorite.
A pure session with sun big airs and good people.

Pause !!!!
Sometimes it's nice to do something else than kayak. Why not Longboard ?
That is an amazing spot just above a big lake.

The Doubs is too low to paddle now ? don't worry an have a drive to Lyon !!!!

In a first time, go to the left side to warms up :

Ready ? Now you're able to have good time in the Wall B : a pure green and irregular 2m wave !!

In fact : 5 days, 5 waves, sun, good friends = spring is here.

Have a nice time and go big ;-)


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