Haut tran pro kayak festi' Val

Hey all,

With my pyrenees' buddies : Fabrice Poueyto, Frédéric Dumont and Eric Deguil aka "mister broken ribs", we spent four days on new kayak "pro" event... the objectives are simple : to meet great kayakers, friends on pretty nice river (Tarn), with big sunny days!
We had lot of perfect moments.

unfortunately our friend Eric Deguil has broken two ribs the first day on a huge rapid : it was on "les sources du Tarn" or the upper upper section. and he needs take four weeks off, he's unlucky! and more we lost a team member for teva extrem race. but it's not big deal, you have lot of pyrenees' buddies!
This river is in"massif central" in France! it looks like the mystic green river : with big granit rocks, and the french style ;-)

On the classic upper section, we must make lot of securities. We didn’t make footage, it should be fun to see these swiming moments. Hubert aka « Shaun ‘hubert » was close to drowing. It was a trashy descent. Fortunately we didn’t have dramatic accident, just some injuries : two ribs, one shoulder, some fingers, broken paddle.

It was great to organize an event like this : special thanks to the family Grollemund.
All were perfect : water level, sun, shuttle, good people, barbecue, meat, beer.

thanks to Fabrice Poueyto for pictures.