From Sweden with Love

Strompis Wave in Orebro's city center-by Idamaria Johansson (Sweden)

What a summer!!It started three months ago when everyone was making the long journey west. I however traveled east, far east. I traveled from the land of trailer parks and pawn shops to a land of castles and cafes. From eating fried chicken and drinking sweet tea, to eating cinnamon buns and drinking the best damn coffee on earth. Ah, the land of Sverige, better known as Sweden, where the sun never sleeps. What took me there you might ask? Well my Swedish girlfriend of course. I went to Sweden to stay with her. To get to know her homeland and to go kayaking.

Sweden's Hell hole-(pic by Tomas Rundgren)
Being from Alabama, I thought I came from a tight group of paddlers, but it is nothing compared to Sweden. I guess it's because kayaking in Sweden is still relatively young compared to here, but its growing substantially due to company's like Kajaktiv that are offering extremely good instruction on all levels from extremely good kayakers and teachers. Sweden's neighbor Norway gets most of the press for Scandinavian kayaking, but if one is looking for adventure on a different path, Sweden should be considered. It's not just the paddling that makes Sweden a great place to visit, the culture is worth going there alone. I found the people to be very friendly and the towns and villages to be very charming and beautiful. The food and coffee is excellent and there's always festivals going on in the summer, not to mention there is a big lack of American tourist which I liked.

Pic by Tomas Rundgren
For more info on kayaking in Sweden, check out:

When I got back to the states it rained:

And now it's time to hit the books so I can graduate before I'm 40...
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