Land of the Lost...Coast

If you left the California Oregon boarder in a 17 foot sea kayak, I would tell you that, your about 7 long days in the saddle from the Lost Coast. Despite huge swells, dumping surf, endless reef and rock, and some of the most isolated beaches on the west Coast, it really is worth the time. For all the reason that it sounds out of reach, it's what makes this place so unique. However, come prepared; expect unpredictable weather, no cell or radio contact, no road access, very little foot traffic, limited fresh water, a limited selection of landable beaches and did I mention the FOG. Though, I didn't come across a monkey boy named Chaka, or any Sleestacks I manage to find a place that the brightness couldn't reach. Alone, on the 7th day of a 63 day paddle I dug in at Wheeler Camp, Lost Coast California...

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