So its been two sweet months for my friends and I at the White Nile. We have been hopping from different spots absorbing all the river has to offer. We first started at the upper section, by the notorious Nile River Outfitters. This upper part of the river has proved to be a great river running training grounds with big drops, big holes, big haystack waves, big reactionary waves, and elusive but extremely sharp rocks.

The lower section, From where the pictures are from, is 45 km down river at the Nile special and it's brother Club wave. This seems to be where we have been spending most of our time. We stay just downstream at the Hairy Lemon and paddle to the waves twice daily. The Hairy lemon is sort of a kayaking camp. You eat marginal food, surf 2-3 hrs, eat, rest, surf another 2-3 hours, eat, drink and talk with our new international kayak friends, go to sleep, and do it all over the next day. It some of the most fun I have had kayaking. Paddling with people from all over the globe. All with different customs and styles, but all sharing the love of Nile and kayaking.

Inspired by lots of beer and Nile river legend Sam Ward's tales of creeking we took a side trip, to the Sippi Falls region of Uganda. Their Sam showed us his treat, a not too challenging, but fun and beautiful first desent of upper Sippi river. Yes, we got to go creek boating in Uganda!
In all of my kayaking endeavors and some not in the kayak, (motorcycle taxis, Boda Boda's, = not safe. Helmets are sweet!) WRSI gear has been there. We used it creeking with the Hail Mairy and the comfy fit of the helmet let me forget I have it on every day for up to six hours. I can not even begin to say how necessary the simple built in visor is with the equatorial sun, super intence. Thanks WRSI, looking forword to letting you know how the trip finishes, We are trying to see if it is economicaly possible for us to go to the Zambize.... till then, Cheers from Todd and the Montana boys!

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