Winterize your WRSI

A few tips to winterize your WRSI Helmet

First off, no need to spend more money on a bling ski helmet. Your WRSI has you covered!

Brian Fletcher Psyched to be wearing his WRSI

1. TO HOLD YOUR GOGGLES IN PLACE use a small piece of self adhesive Velcro (the rough side) and stick on either side of the WRSI logo on the back of the helmet. This will keep your goggles in place when you wreck or catch massive air!

2. Use thinner pads during the winter months in order to accommodate enough room for a beanie. Or simply order the ear pads from WRSI. This product kicks ass and will hopefully be widely available soon.

3. Wear your helmet. It does you no good if your not using it!

Brian Fletcher getting after it

Have fun out there.....

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