Hello from Chile!!!!
I am having the time of my life, and it is only day two. After New England winter, these long summer days are absolute heaven. Not to mention, it is absolutely stunning here. Big mountains on all sides, including a smoking volcano! Cool right? I am half expecting it to blow at any mo
ment! The rivers are cold, but refreshing, and both of the playspots New River Academy has been to have been super fun! Several of our students have thrown 
such huge air loops, I think Steven Wright would be jealous! Well, maybe not quite. But you get the point. 
It is hard being in areas where very few people speak english, but it is definitely an
 experience meeting chilean paddlers. The locals are all really friendly, and the food is delicious. This is a must do trip for sure. I mean come on! The water is clean enough to drink! Not many places like that in the States. Pretty sweet right?
While here with New River Academy, I'll get to paddle the Fuy and the Futaleufu, visit patagonia, hike a volcano, and so much more. Keep watch for more posts on my travels!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff

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