Jay Panther

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was the singles event at the Calgary Nor Am and it went great.  First and foremost I was able to ski my competition runs...with the aid of 17 ibuprofen and a tightly wrapped 
ace bandage.  My qualifying run was not only the first time I skied the course and hit the airs, but the first time I skied since I hurt myself in A-Basin a week ago.  I skied a great run, all things considered, and qualified 10th.  In finals I skied another great run and once again had the fastest time of the day.  The judging was a little suspect to say the least, as I ended up 13th, but yesterday really wasn't about the result.  Yesterday was about exploring my mental and physical toughness, and really finding out what kind of competitor I am capable of being.  

We had today off, tomorrow is a day of training (another 
day of rest for me), and we compete in duals on Sunday.  My ribs are still in a lot of pain so there is no guarantee, but I have every intention of competing Sunday and taking it one run at a time.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and positive thoughts, they worked!  I will let you know how Sunday goes.

Jay Panther

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