Rio Fuy!

Estoy al Rio Fuy en Chile con New River Academy! Although pouring rain for the past two days, the area is still unbelievable. We are nestled in a little hostel in the middle of the tiny town of Choshuenco. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming! Even the stray puppies living under the hostel are really friendly and happy. Despite the language barrier, I can tell that this is a small town where they take care of their own. It is intere
sting that even in such a closed community, they treat outsiders like they belong!

The Fuy River itself is beautiful. The water is this turquoise blue, and warm! Apparently because the river comes from a lake, it is solar heated? Point is, no dry tops!!! With the rain, it is not quite skin to wind weather, but I am sure once the sun shows itself, I'll get a snazzy lifejacket tan. The upper and middle Fuy are class 4-5 runs that include tons of drops, ranging from a few feet high to over 50! The lower is a stunning class 2-3+ run. It is super chill, and worth doing at least once. 

Unfortunately, the water level is super low right now, and petons are numerous. It can make for an uncomfortable ride in some of the shallower rapids! But! With all this rain, who knows! Hopefully the level will come up!

Chile is a whitewater haven. And in a week, I'll be at the Futaleufu!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff

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