vermont, new hampshire and quebec

This summer I ran more creeks and rivers than expected. New England is usually pretty dry in June and July, but we had consistent rain until August. The Middlebury Gorge is my favorite backyard run. It features the birth canal, an intense, sheer walled minigorge. It does not take much rain to run. Here is Greg Hanlon after the Fallopian Tube, the entrance drop. The scenic shot is from the Quebec's Taurea, which I was lucky enough to run again last week.

These pictures are from some of New Englands finest steep creeks. The first two are Greg and myself on the classic Upper Pemi, hidden deep at the bottom of Franconia Notch. The last one was taken of me running mushroom on the Big Branch on my 30th birthday. Pics of me taken by Greg Hanlon, and Nick Gottlieb, respectivly.

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