Training in Durango, CO

Well, never big fans of turkey, Kristin and I packed up the car and headed for Durango, Colorado. She had been invited to participate in a slalom training camp with Alzar School Advisory Committee member Cathy Hearn, and I couldn't resist the doughnuts of Doughworks (seriously, they're that good).

The Animas is super low, as you'd expect, but that doesn't stop those slalom athletes from getting in a great workout. They've been paddling three times a day, honing technique and strengthening muscles. The river is frigid, the air not much warmer, and you know Kristin is hardcore for doing it, and loving it! There's a good group of athletes out for the week, and the spirit of training is contagious. I watch some of the workouts in between logistic planning sessions.

Also, I've been sneaking down to the river at least once a day as well. Previously, I had only been in D-town during May when the Animas is cranking. Because the fall whitewater is not optimal, that has meant some technique touch-ups for me, as well as attainment work outs and sprints. My goal for the week is to get the shoulders and abs into shape for the upcoming Rivers of Chile 2010 expedition we'll be leading in December/January. I'm realizing the importance of taking care of those shoulders in the off season... makes for a much easier transition to daily paddling. I've been really excited to have my WRSI helmet with ear protectors on... super warm in the chilly air.

Look for more blog posts as we get to Chile and paddle with our amazing group of students. We have a very amazing group of young leaders, and they're pumped to test themselves on some of the best whitewater anywhere.

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