Rivers in Chile

Hey Everyone!

Chile has to be one of the most beautiful whitewater countries out there. The rivers I have been paddling are all in remote mountain regions with snowcapped volcanos and such in view. The whitewater itself is beyond amazing.

Waterfall on the Yeso in Chile.

I started this trip on the Rio Maipo in northern Chile. It is an awesome river, with an upper big water class V-IV and a fun playboating lower section class III-IV. There is also a tributary creek running into it called the Yeso. It is fun Class IV-V creeking, with a 25-30 foot waterfall at the very beginning of the river right below the glaciers and snow it gets its water from. It has a tricky entrance, and needs lots of water, but it is really photogenic.
Punto Del Lobos in Pichilemu Chile

Right now I am in Pichilemu, a well known surf town right on the ocean. One is called Punto Del Lobos (point of wolves) and is some class V playboating. The waves are anywhere from 15-25 feet on any given day. It is terrifying! But you can go HUGE. There is a smaller point break a block from where I am staying, with waves that are a good 5-10 feet smaller, but still super fun! It is a great place to work on things. Yesterday I got my first Panam to Back Blunt. While in the water you will see seals swimming along side you, and even a shark or two. Hopefully none though!!
A wave at Punto Del Lobos

Tomorrow it is off to the Sietes Tazas, seven perfect and clean drops. It also has a section of I think 22 waterfalls above it. I get to spend a week there. Should be awesome!

-Tracy d'Arbeloff

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