Party and Paddle away!!!

Dear friends and followers, today I got a hold of the mechanic that's taking care of the Dolphin. The bill for getting the dolphin ready is a bit unexpected, Well, kind of unexpected. The mechanic started by asking me if I was sure I wanted to take the Dolphin to South America. Of course I said, he looked at me, strait into my eyes and started talking a language a never heard of. I thought for a second he was possessed by a demon, but soon after that I realized he was just mentioning different parts of the Dolphin that needed to be replaced. After a few moments of discussing the situation we agreed that only half of it will do. At least for now. there for, with the Dolphin being done and us being some what packed, we believe is time to party. This is the last chance to say "hasta la vista," or at lease for a wile.
We are hosting a little Party-Fundraising for Paddling Latin America. The gathering is happening this Friday in McCall, Idaho at Joe's place, 279 Buckcamp Ln, McCall, at around 7sh. Everyone is invited, my friends, your friends, the friends of those friends, and anyone that call himself a friend. There will be "refreshments," appetizers and lots of great people. Now, fill free to bring more people, "refreshments," more appetizers or anything you thing we may need in this expedition.
We'll be departing on our adventure the very next day. We would love to see you there.
This Friday, December 4th of 2009, don't forget.
Safe regards

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