Jay Panther on North American Tour


The Killington, VT Nor Am is now over and I am back in Park City. I got 25th on singles day and 6th duals day. The weekend was solid and I am glad to add a 6th to the 5th and 8th I got in Lake Placid, NY two weeks ago. The results are still not what I am looking for as I have yet to win or podium, but I am still finding my stride. It will be nice to be home for this week and get some focused training. I want to bring the California Roll back as I dropped it during the last two contests because the courses were difficult. There are still three more Nor Am stops, a total of six competitions. This means there is still a lot of skiing to do. At this point I am fifth overall in the Nor Am Grand Prix so I am in a good position to make a run at winning it all.

I have attached some video from Killington. It is my qualifying run on duals day.

Thank you for your love and support. I will let you know when I am heading out for the second leg of the Nor Ams.

Jay Panther

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