Still Chilly in the SE

So its still been snowy, icy, and cold down here in WNC which has made for some good snowboarding and chilly kayaking, however it has been some good kayaking. Been out to the Nantahala Cascades , North Fork of the French Broad, Yellow Creek again, and Scotts Creek. Also we discovered North Fork Creek which looks like it would take a lot of rain, has tons of sketchy undercut drops, however they are some really cool looking sketchy drops. As per Scotts Creek its logged and trashed out like crazy and I had to do a dry land "swim" onto a log, however it was pretty entertaining and I am fine as is everyone else who was there. So now we have two summer projects Scotts Creek and Yellow Creek for some clean up. As per North Fork of the French Broad we had a good day at a nice level and I got a bit trashed in a hole but rode it out so it was a good time, and as per all the boatertalk posts saying there is wood in the way at the time of our trip none of the wood was in play. The pictures are actually from the top and bottom of the drop known as Submarine on the North Fork of the French Broad. IN MORE RECENT NEWS CHEOAH IS RUNNING THIS WEEKEND AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING PEOPLE THERE! However I will end with some pictures from my exploits. Stay safe and congrats to Shannon Bahrke on the Bronze rocking the helmet! Thanks WRSI, Peace Paul

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