BC bigwater and getting others into paddling...sort of

Well after a bit of playing around on the Ottawa I'm back in BC for another summer of guiding and creeking. Since the creeks in Revelstoke are all low water runs I decided to visit the clearwater for some fun big water action on the clearwater.

I've also been working really hard at getting others into paddling and enjoying the sport that has given me so much which is why I was especially proud when I finally got my little hound Pete out on the water with me. Even though is was flatwater and we were never more than a few feet from shore he was pretty chill and seemed to enjoy himself. Up until now he really has had no interest in water at all so this is a pretty big deal. Now all I need is a little WRSI helmet so we can start running moving water!

Well the water is dropping so stay tuned for some creeking action from beautiful British Columbia.


Dan Caldwell

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