School is for fools....

Well, after 2 great years of paddling adventures all over North and Central America, I am sad to say that I am back to the school grind. Things could be worse though... I was able to transfer my university credits to Terrace BC where, despite the low water levels, still boasts some excellent whitewater! In the two weeks I've been living in Terrace, myself and some local enthusiasts have knocked off a few good runs including the Nass River (some fun big water and great play!), Kalum and Copper rivers, and some missions to scout out some new creeks which will be Pumping as soon as it decides to rain! The great thing about Terrace is the amount of exploring to be done, and it is all right on our doorstep! Until then, heres a few pics from my 2010 season:

Lava, Colorado River

Butze, BC (photo c.roberts)

Santa Cruz, California

Grand Canyon

Terrace, BC!!
(photo c.roberts)

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