Granite Creek

Just got off a few days of some good boating here in Terrace BC! After a few good days of rain, finally there was enough water for some of the local creeks. Myself and local jeremie drouin went and did a little exploring on Granite Creek, which is 15 minute drive and about a 30 min hike outta town. We knew we would be in for a good time when passing over Williams Creek (another local run) and seeing it at near flood. We arrived at the Granite Creek bridge and it looked high! The whole run is yet to be done due to lots of issues with wood and low water, but it has some sweet potential. We managed to run a few sections of it, but will definitly be back with more time and possibly a saw. The highlight was a 40+ falls into a little dish with a vertical log sticking into it. Looked a bit sketch but we both felt confident. After a rock-paper-scissors match I came up victorious and had a clean first run. Jeremie followed suit and it was gravy train after that! We both plan on going back and doing the full run, but in the meantime here is some pics and a quick video of some drops:

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