Teacups Trip

Well we recently went to the 7 teacups on Rio Claro and also the Viente y Dos. Here are some pictures from the trip and also the video from the trip as well. It was awesome being there and we have Nuble Fest this weekend. After that we are headed back to the Claro for some Viente y Dos redemption and for Brads Siete Tazas redemption as I got mine out of the way. This weekend we have a downriver race which will be really fun and hopefully the outcome will be in mine or brads favor and we can bring the title to the US. Also we will be joining some of the local boys in the rafting competition. Also we got a WRSI throwrope to give out for a competition prize. Hope everyone is having a killer time boating and we will have more goods for you later!

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