The Chile wrap-up

My time in Chile has ended and what a good time it was between all the crazy adventures and cool people its an amazing country with alot to offer up for the whitewater paddler. We hit up a few rivers during the time there but mostly based ourselves out of San Fabian in the VIII Section as there is alot to offer up in the area including the first descent that we nabbed. So here is the final video which is titled Tengo veintidos saltos y una perra no es una after the jay-z track 99 problems as the song for the trip was Strawberry Wine its now time to get over the hot july moon that saw everything. Traveling around and even just chilling for parts of the month was a real eye opener as we got to immerse ourselves in the Chilean culture from everything to national dances, the discoteca, asados and eventually grilling a goat. If you ever find yourself down there I am sure you too will find your way into some of those things. However here is the last video and I would like to thank everyone at WRSI for the quality gear that helped us out down there between the helmets, throwropes and the hat keeping my head from sunburn.

It was a great time and I am really hoping I can make it back out there again next year!

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