Russel Fork Ridiculousness

It was a rather epic weekend out at the Russel Fork and all the Ouch! Crew. We set up a pretty good camp and were hanging around all weekend cooking over the fire and running all that the gorge had to offer. On the first day having no recollection of the lines we were able to enlist the help of Chris Hipgrave to show us down and give us the lines as long as we were able to keep up with him which the man is a british bomber, no doubt. Having stomped boof after boof all the way down the river we set up shuttle for round two and got after it again but filmed our second trip down. That night we did a bit of partying like we had friday night and chilled around our fire having a good time and cooking out. Bagged one other run on Sunday of the gorge section with the some of the boys from boone meeting up with us. We had a great time, ran some good whitewater and got to meet some awesome people on our adventure to Elk Horn City. Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well, Peace Paul

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