Robe Canyon 2011

Robe Canyon is a pretty girl. Give her some juice, though, and she likes to hold on!! Flows can be a mystery to paddlers, especially in the winter months. Even though the gauge is at the take out, what lies upstream can be described as 'anybody's guess'. Well, there are things like geometry, statistics.. even engineering calculus, but nothing can really train you for a phenomenon known as "Robe Math". You just have to go and hope for the best on those rainy days. What am I talking about? Well, Rob McKibbon describes it this way, "it's the only run where you want it to be lower at the put in and HIGHER at the take out."

To say Robe Canyon has a flashy nature is an understatement. There is just so much more to the story!! To be a true Robe Math Scholar you just have to put in the time on this one. Make no mistake, it is an art. The thing is...  once you get good at it, you kinda hope it's a little higher than last time, you just don't tell anybody. If you haven't seen Robe... well my friend... you have the next 8 months to get in there before she's dried up for the summer. In the meantime, here's some uh the good sauce from that pretty girl. She's a little creamy in this one, but that the way we like it!!


music: AWOLNation -Sail

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